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Mission Statement
Our goal is to advance the study, practice and teaching of how we influence others including negotiating, selling, customer service, recruiting and managing employees. We believe the ability to influence others is a critical element of both leadership and personal success. Read Articles About NegotiationPlus

What We Do
We are dedicated to serving our clients as advisors, consultants, trainers, speakers, negotiators, mediators, arbitrators and expert witnesses. As detailed on the Firm Services page, we work with organizations and individuals on how they can more effectively negotiate, lead and influence others both within their organizations and with customers, clients, partners and vendors. We provide training, consulting, one-on-one coaching, speaking and research. We can show you how to sell more, negotiate better prices, close more deals, ensure repeat business, get co-workers to work more effectively together, recruit and retain the best employees and manage employees to get the most from them.

Influencing Articles by Lee Miler

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Here is What People Have to Say About
NegotiationPlus Training and Coaching:

Lee E. Miller is becoming a high priest of the give and take art, via his books, consulting, corporate training, and live appearances.


With what Miller calls the "3 C's"—Convince, Collaborate and Create—you will learn how to motivate people to help you achieve your ends.


The [NegotiationPlus™] programs teach participants how to sell more, negotiate better prices, close the deal, ensure repeat business, work more effectively with co-workers, recruit and retain the best employees and manage employees to get the most from them.


Interactive and packed with role-playing exercises to put your negotiation tactics into practice immediately.


Read what our clients are saying about us.

UP: Influence Power and the U Perspective
The Art of Getting What You Want

by best selling author Lee E. Miller with Barbara Jackson

UP: Influence Power and the U Perspective; The Art of Getting What You WantWhat would you give to be able to get anyone to do whatever you wanted them to do? How different would your life be if you knew the secret for getting your boss, your co-workers, your employees, your children and your spouse to help you with anything you need? What if you knew how to make your customers buy more and not quarrel about the price? Harnessing the power of the U Perspective will make all that and more possible.

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Feel free to browse the website to learn about the services offered by our firm, the types of training and speaking the firm principals provide and to contact us with any questions you might have.