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Lee Miller - Star Ledger Articles

October 6, 2013
The best company to work for is in the eye of the job seeker
Speaking to knowledgeable people in the industry will give the broadest perspective on a company

September 22, 2013
Miller: A traditional résumé still a powerful tool when job hunting
According to a recent survey, seven in 10 advertising and marketing executives said they prefer traditional resumes from candidates applying for creative roles at their company

September 8, 2013
Students should work toward their first jobs while still in college
A recent survey of employers reported significant "deficiencies" among students entering into the workforce

August 25, 2013
Looking for a career switch? Here are some tips
Find a position that leverages your core strengths and ties them back to a field that interests you

August 11, 2013
Miller: Stay under the radar while job searching from your office
Technology makes job searching easier but also opens new ways in which employees can find themselves in trouble

July 28, 2013
Miller: Virtual interviews present myriad challenges and opportunities
For phone or video interview, take control of the environment. Find a place that’s quiet, clutter-free, and well-lit

July 14, 2013
Miller: Experts lay out strategies to land a full-time job
Let your boss know that you are interested in transitioning to full-time work within the organization, then find ways to demonstrate your commitment and desire for an increased level of responsibility.

June 30, 2013
Miller: Keeping good workers takes more than a generous paycheck
During my years running human resources functions at major companies, what kept employees from leaving was the quality of management, particularly their immediate supervisor

June 16, 2013
Miller: Expert advice on getting the most out of an internship
Treat an internship like a class: Do your homework and show up prepared

June 2, 2013
Miller: The pros and cons of getting a job with the government
Job seekers should consider positions in state and local government, where growth is expected to be greater than at the federal level

May 19, 2013
Miller: Summer doesn’t mean you can wear anything under the sun to work

May 5, 2013
Miller: More employers are adding mobile career websites, but the list is still small
Job candidates should maximize their social footprint by ensuring online profiles include key industry words or phrases

April 21, 2013
Miller: Career advice by those who speak from experience
When it comes to career advice, everyone is quick to offer their "two cents."

April 7, 2013
Miller: Job outlook is good for grads who have the right skills
Employers anticipate hiring 13 percent more new college graduates this year than last, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers

March 24, 2013
Communication is key when dealing with your new boss
Experts say employees should respect the new boss’ direction, whether they initially agree with it or not

March 10, 2013
Yahoo flap spotlights the pros and cons of telecommuting
CEO Marissa Mayer's recent decision requiring company employees now working from home to come into the office elicited outrage from some quarters

February 24, 2013
Note to job-seekers: Tactics seen on 'The Job' reality show won't work
One career coach advised against competing against another job candidate, instead focus on "presenting the best that you are and your potential to add value over time"

February 10, 2013
Miller: Hiring experts help you nail interview questions
Go over these commonly mishandled interview questions so you don't blow you shot at a new job

February 6, 2013
Miller: It's never too early to start thinking about your second career

January 13, 2013
Experts offer tips for millennials about to enter workplace
The 21- to 31-year-olds are not only expected to enter, and move up, in the work force but they also face obstacles not encountered by prior generations